About Us

Launched in October 2017, AUN is a small, independent restaurant bringing the Japanese concept of ‘wakon yosai’ to the heart of Stoke Newington.
This idea of learning the western techniques without losing a Japanese spirit translates as imaginatively presented dishes that create delicious Japanese flavours using European ingredients alongside traditional ones.

AUN (あ吽) - pronounced as “A-Un”, means inspiration and expiration. Coming from the traditional Japanese saying: “aun no kokyu”, it is a delicate, perfectly balanced harmony between those who work together.

Our Food

Served in a tapas/izayaka style, our menus intent to showcase varieties of Japanese cuisines with our own touch. Signature dishes include Oyster Ajillo with Crispy Nori cracker, Aubergine with Smoky Mustard Miso Sauce, Sundried Tomato Shiso Sushi Roll and the AUN original flavour Haccho Dark Miso gelato.